Australian and New Zealand Environmental History Network

Our purposes:

To provide a means to communicate with each other and exchange information about forthcoming events and new publications in Australia and New Zealand.

To provide a portal with links to other organisations in Australia and New Zealand with interests in environmental history, and to provide a portal to Australia for international groups with interests in global environmental history.

Who are we?

The Environmental History Network was established in 1997 to facilitate communications between scholars working across a range of departments at the Australian National University and surrounding government, business, cultural and scientific institutions and independent scholars. Since its foundation, it has expanded to include all states in Australia as well as New Zealand, and there are members in a range of other countries with interests in Australian and/or New Zealand environmental history. Anyone researching environmental history in all or any of its many manifestations is welcome to join the e-mail list and have their profile on our website.

How to join: Subscribe using the form to the right, e-mail Andrea Gaynor at the University of Western Australia (andrea.gaynor@uwa.edu.au) or telephone: +61 (8) 6488 2137.



The image on the homepage is from a work by Mandy Martin entitled ‘Groundplane’. For more information on the artist and her work, please see http://www.mandy-martin.com/.